Friday, 15 April 2016

Making Something New

One of my favourite things to do when cooking is making something new with whatever is in the kitchen, just going off of what I have in the fridge and making a great soup! The challenge I always have is making something that is gluten free because my wife has celiacs disease and it's a serious issue and so no gluten can touch the ingredients or contaminate anything pertaining to the recipe in any degree, not even the cutting board or the utensils. Today I'm making a beef stew and right off the bat I'm going to add water and salt to taste, I find that tasting the saltiness of a stew before adding the main ingredients is a fantastic way to set the rest up for a home run in a tasty meal!

After setting up the taste of the soup base then I progress to adding a teaspoon of garlic powder (or to taste) and then I grind some pepper (depends on how much pepper your family likes) then I throw in fried onions and six small potatoes chopped up into halves and I throw in half a cup of gluten free wild rice and a cup of chopped baby organic carrots and one stem of rosemary. After all that is done I do two swirls of gluten free mustard and then throw in two handfuls of chopped stew beef (preferably organic) then I let it stew for a few hours on minimum. After two hours you have yourself the most amazing stew!