Friday, 30 September 2016

Run The Race

As I was training yesterday, I had the most difficult time running after cross-training, though I'm sure it was me testing my limits physically, it really felt like a mental battle. I knew that in the back of my mind, the stroke was playing a big part, I had bouts of sudden weakness (stroke symptoms) and word finding was a definite fight. I paused along my run and just took a deep breath and realized this was a good battle, this was a victory I was searching for.
I wanted to tell this stroke again and again that it had no place inside my mind for limitations. I prayed quickly and thanked God for every little ounce of blood, sweat and many tears along this massive uphill battle with my stroke over the years. It had taught me the greatest things I know in life. First off, I train with a purpose both in physical goals and in spiritual goals, for without purpose people perish; people wander and lose their way. Life isn't about how easy it should be but rather how will you overcome it despite the adversity. I trust in God and it is well with my soul and whatever I face I face it with confidence, with a heart after His glory and His purpose and whatever my lot is in life, I will do it well.