Thursday, 31 March 2016

When You Reach For A Goal

Training is all about reaching plateaus, finding what your body thinks is the farthest it can go and then you break that barrier, you reach for another and another...

Without proper food a person will fail miserably, you can have all the determination you wish but without fueling that determination you will miss out on the benefits. For me, when I had my stroke, I looked at every food possible that fed my brain, that brought me to the optimum potential for recuperation and triumph and I believe breakfast is the beginning of that great journey in a potential victory! Being diligent, constantly learning and flowing, bending and changing, adapting to new things and seeing what works and shedding all the stuff that has no purpose. The ultimate idea is truly cutting the fat in thinking, bad habits and reaching for new and healthier ones. Supplying your body the optimum foods is paramount in the challenge and embracing the difference.

Here is favourite meal I make in the morning!

I began my journey with learning how to read, write, walk and talking again and now I've just accomplished my first 1,000 vertical strike on my left hand and 1,000 vertical strike on my right hand. I also did parkour and jkd in the same day. Your energy level stays consistent and of course what you eat after is crucial for recovery!