Monday, 28 March 2016

Morning Light

Life has so many challenges...

Well I heard that when I was a little boy but man I never knew how much it would become the epicenter of everything I would do. There I was lying down, shaking, quivering and my mind felt like sand sifting through a strainer. My thoughts were out of place, my body was moving in the same direction, jolted, disjointed, marked by sudden jabbing motions. Everything was suddenly a different game, different rules and I had to learn how to master it without knowing the rules. I felt so alone at times, misunderstood but deep down in the heart of hearts I knew that God had it all in His hands and I was going to overcome this trial, this massive struggle called a stroke.

     Here it is nearly 10 years later and I'm running in Fort Langley, BC. Canada. Skipping while jogging and doing martial arts and parkour! Who would have thought that this brutal challenge would make my commitment to training become so strong and so deep. The seasons have changed and my life has grown much deeper and richer for it. I am pondering on all the blessings of this life and how God has comforted me in the loneliest trials and how my wife and kids have always looked much farther than my battle, deeper than my inability to walk, talk, read and write (back then) and now here I am doing impossible things and just loving it! Never say never...

A selfie before skip jogging for a 5 km distance
at the fort to fort trail in Fort Langley