Monday, 2 May 2016

The Family Does Matter

In today's society, the family is being bombarded with so much sexuality, dogmatic opinions and well frankly "Do What Thou Wilt" behaviour which sadly reflects the satanic bible clearly. It sounds almost outright ludicrous when you think about it but in actuality, tv has become the big propaganda machine for indoctrinating youth for a whole new generation. The real issue isn't media as much as it is for #christians  to stand up and stand out on family values and really take an affect on this beast, called "Entertainment"
If we as christians don't speak out and actually support shows with good values and a safe environment for family viewing then it's time to abstain from these shows in order to get the message across to the networks who only look at their pocketbooks. Hurt them where it counts, in their profit margins and then support healthy tv and strengthen family values among our society as a whole. Now more than ever we are needing this change and this voice; to speak out against the wrong and support the healthy things like love, faith, hope and family values.
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