Saturday, 26 April 2014

The beauty of a soul is something of a mystery, you see if you hold it in your hand and do nothing with it, it remains a seed, there is only the shell of it's potential, but if you know it's true value, the purpose for what it was always intended to do, then you can do wonders with it. When God reaches the depths of who we really are, He takes that seed and He places it in the soil of jesus's life, and He waters it with grace, with love, with tender mercy and with the utmost care in mind; because when the seasons change and the rain has passed, the sun begins to shine, you will become the beautiful flower, the blossoming tree, whatever He has purposed for your life. The great marvel of it all is God always new what seed you were and where you should be planted and what blessings you would bestow to others. By Ernie Kasper #teamjesus #wisdom #faith #hope #love