Monday, 28 April 2014

My strength is in you

There was this brilliant joy that feeds my heart, the love of family, the kindness of friendship and the hope I have in christ jesus. Those were the thoughts dancing around inside my mind and what a beautiful song it was. Suddenly as I began to speak the words just fell to the floor, all scrambled into jargon, almost like someone took all my speech and shook it around in a snow globe. I turned to my daughter to tell her how much I loved her and all that came out was "brineda da da da dub dub" Silence filled my mind but my mouth keep repeating the same thing. My emotions felt like a downpour of frustration and brokenness. My son turned to me and placed his hand on my cheek and said "dad, it's okay" and gave me a big hug. Like a babbling brook I continued to try but to no avail.
That's my stroke and that's my challenge, it comes and goes but what amazes me is God's comfort through it all, the love He exudes in those dark valleys. Sometimes we go through life's challenges and think "this is brutal, this is just the worse thing!" then when you look back you see clearer and you might even see the rainbow after the storm ;) It's been seven years since my stroke and every day is a challenge beyond reason but what has come out of this is something so precious, so amazing that I would never take it back. I found faith that is much deeper than superficial name it and claim behaviour. I found that having faith is all about knowing God's character, knowing that even in suffering He is able to do much more than I could ever dream. That's the God of the bible, the one I love so much! In all my trials God has lead me to this very place, this place where I am writing poetry, painting pictures, taking photography, sculpting, preaching the gospel without regret. So you see, this hardship is temporary, my testimony is in God's unfailing love and it is Him who sustains me and as I run seven miles in seventy cities, I know that God is able to do much more than I could ever imagine.

~I'm Alive~

He took the tears in my life and turned them into wine
God took my sorrows and brought me new tomorrows
His love is precious
His love is divine
He took my broken words
shook the dirt from my heart
taught me to fly
gave me a new start

I'm alive
I'm alive
nothing in this world could ever take away
wash away my love
your my precious child
and every step I take
I'll teach you to rise above
I'll hold your hurts and pains
give you courage during the mighty storms
the rushing rains

There can be a million broken dreams
hurts that tear you at the seems
but I'm the lifter of souls
I'm the light when others hate
sits like burning coals
I will calm the storms
I will be there even unto the end of time
I am yours and you are mine...

By Ernie Kasper