Saturday, 21 June 2014

Dream A Little Dream

     There I was, my eyes were closed and I could hear the children playing, laughing and giggling, there was so much life in their voices, so much joy in the moment. When people get older, some of that wonder just washes away from life's trials, heartaches and so much more; people forget what it means to be alive. Kids just take it all in, they are fresh with dreams, ideas, imagination and complete wonder. Children taste imagination, adults look at it from a distance. Well I quickly got up from my chair and instead of sitting around, I wanted to taste it, see something I have never seen. I wanted to come alive with my imagination, dance with mystery and look through the eyes of a child. I quickly picked up my camera and began walking all around the park and just began smelling what was around me, closing my eyes and hearing the sounds dance between my ears; playing with with my memories with such sweet surrender. I wandered along a beautiful trail where I began to capture the beauty in the small things, the things that are often missed by the human eye. I watched as life suddenly began to sing with joy all around me. I was so captivated by what I saw and what touched my heart. God is the most brilliant painter of life and it sweetly sings of His love for us and the beauty of peace. Never take a day as just another day, capture it, dance with it, feed it your imagination and learn to fly!