Saturday, 3 May 2014

We The People

~People~ #truthbetold #faith 

People want faster cars, less patience
People want more money, less virtue
People want more spirituality but less truth
People want nicer clothes but weaker character
People desire satisfaction with less value
People hope for change but refuse to let go
People want wisdom but desire less humbleness
People put so much effort into whiter teeth but fail to see the value of a gentle word
People want instant fame hoping it will give instant peace
People desire bigger houses, thinking it will give comfort when the warmth of family far exceeds such things.
People want bigger tv's instead of deeper conversations
People want what others have but unless you can appreciate what you got, then what they have is never good enough.
People need something more than empty words
People need something more than broken promises
People need a cure for their hurts and pains
People need peace in the midst of suffering
People need the Lord...

By Ernie Kasper